M.G. Mancour

Hopeless Romantic | Video Producer | Husband | Father

Raised in Las Vegas, but making his home in Michigan, Matt LOVES to film, travel & experience every moment in life.

Newfound love is always one of the most exhilarating and intoxicating things we can experience, which explains why I keep spending weekends as a storyteller, passionate about telling someone’s love story. Filming is my dream job and the raw emotions I experience at each wedding keeps me coming back for more.

As new love continues to inspire me, humble me and invigorate my passions, I have been blessed to work with a team who feel the same about their passions as I. More importantly, our hand-picked crew continues to surprise me as well as inspire each other as more and more genuine and positive testimonials of our work reveals itself.  Such positive feedback is the underlying confidence that bolsters our passion, commitment, quality of work, and level of satisfaction that we aim to deliver in every production. Always!